Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why Hello There

I know tomorrow will hit the 3 week mark since I smashed the tar fire out of my finger. I can finally start to use it again for most things. The most important of those things is take pictures. I've ended up taking 3 weeks off from Project 365 which saddens me.I was trying to push through the rut I was in. I was slacking on getting my pictures because I just lost my inspiration, but now I think I have it back. I've signed up to do the World Wide Photo Walk on July 18th. Hopefully I will learn some useful stuff from some of the other photographers there. I've been truely debating on doing the photography thing as a business. I don't feel like I have enough knowledge in the business department, and I know I still have a long ways to go on the photography front. Many people are telling me I should give it a shot, but I think what has me putting the breaks on is the unknown. Not to mention all the work it's going to take, and I just don't know if I have it in me at the moment. We'll see you never know what tomorrow holds.

Tee Hee yea I have to say I know what tomorrow holds I have to go back to the Will Rogers Rose Garden to take pictures. I was there today but the camera had a melt down which in turn made me have a melt down. I was hot and the camera kept giving me an error code. I did everything I could thinnk of at the time to get the thing fixed, but nothing I did would work. I was freaking out because this expensive camera wasn't working. I got home worked on it some more to figure out it was the stupid memory card. Yep it crashed on me. This is the second time this has happened to me since April. (No it was not the same card. The first went in the trash) What gives? At least this time I was able to get what photos there were on it, and do a reformat. Needless to say I will NOT be using that card at the wedding I have coming up on the 14th of June. I can't even begin to explain to you have freaking scared I am that this is going to happen. On top of all of this it's my first big gig in photography, and I really want it to go well.

Oh and I still have to post Project 365 pictures from the 1st week in May. I have that much done at least. Well I have the pictures I don't have them edited for posting. I don't know when I am going to get around to doing that though. I think I might work on some scrapbooking first. I have just one more thing to do and the wedding cards will be done. Five years down the road, and I can't even count the numerous hours at it but it's done. Now I have several other things on my plate to work on. One of them is a special gift for a very very good friend of mine who truly is an amazing person. Hopefully the gift goes over as well as I feel it will. I'm pretty sure it will end up at a picture in Project 365.

Now on to the animals. We finally decided to crate Buddy (The Destroyer). He has eaten more of the carpet so now it really has to come up (as if there was any option before). The massive hole he made on the 7th has now morphed into a gargantuan hole. On top of that hole he made a new one in front of the door that started out the size of a gold ball, and is now the size of a volley ball. That makes 3 holes in the carpet in the living room. Not to mention he has had (and acted upon) thoughts of digging at other carpeted areas of the house. I had hopes he would stop doing this so we didn't have to lock him up again after being free for a few months. We got a new tray for the cage, and you wouldn't even know he's been free from it at all. Buddy and Storm both treat it almost as a dog house in the house. I have to say that even after they tear everything up at the end of the day I still love them, and I wouldn't get rid of them for anything in the world. My dogs make me happy, and so does my kitty cat. Yes they all get along for the most part. The one that doesn't get along is the cat. She's the alpha B**** in our house, and the dogs bow to her. We didn't just name her Princess Leia for no reason.

I suppose this is enough info for one post. I'm off to start on the next scrapping project. Hopefully I will get the 365 done in the next couple of days. Oh and I plan to post an update to the finger post just to show how it's doing after 3 weeks of healing. It's really done better than I thought it would.

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