Monday, June 1, 2009

Bad Camera No Cookie

I mentioned in the post on Saturday that my camera was acting funny, and that I figured out it was the memory card. Well come to find out it's not my memory card at all it's the camera its self. I'm really discouraged because the camera isn't even 6 months old and it's already in the shop. I'm hoping this isn't something I will have to deal with on a regular basis. Not to mention I have taken very good care of it. This means no Project 365 for at least another 2 weeks. Best Buy has put it on top priority to get it fixed at the servicing center, and it's going to go out overnight. They tell me I should have it back in a week to a week and a half. Lets hope so because I'm shooting a wedding coming up on the 14th, and at the moment I have no camera. Now I get to scrambled to come up with something just in case I don't have it back in time for the wedding.

I'm still hoping to have the one week of May's Project 365 that I do have to be up in the next couple of days. Happy Monday. :o)

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