Thursday, June 11, 2009


May 4, 2009 ~ More rain. It's just not stopping. The mosquitoes are going to be awful this year.

May 5, 2009 ~ Ummm Ummm good. Potato chip casserole. I love this stuff. It's not very good for the body though so we don't have it very often.

May 6th. 2009 ~ Wow Sunshine. Nuff said.

May 7th, 2009 ~ Woot the new Star Trek, and we didn't have to wait until midnight to see it.

May 8, 2009 ~ Eric turned the Big 30 today. We went to see the Broadway show of The Lion King. Yes it was fantastic. Worth every penny the tickets cost.

May 9, 2009 ~ Love my Lilly. This is one of the several blooms on the Lilly pads in the pond this year. I'm thinking it's too late to get in there and get the dirty thing cleaned.

May 10, 2009 ~ Happy Mother's Day. Well yep as you can see above I didn't have such a great day. Yes it hurt ALOT. If you want more info see the below post.

Sorry it took so long for me to get these up. Life has been one big bag of crazy around here. Hope you enjoy the photos I have.

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