Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh Baby!

On my way to work this morning I found this little guy in my front yard. I was already running late so I was hoping the little thing was just learning how to fly, and hadn't fallen out of the nest. When I took this shot momma was having a cow that I was even so close. I had very high hopes the baby would be gone when I got home.

Alas it wasn't as the little guy was still in the yard when I got home. Eric found the nest, and we proceeded to put it back in. When we did this the one that was in the nest jumped out. I tried to get both of the little ones then back into the nest. I just can stand to think that neither of the little ones would make it. Up the ladder I went. Put this one back in the nest, and the other one I couldn't find. I keep telling myself that the second one flew away since it was no where to be found. Anyways once I got this little one back in the nest it didn't stay there for long. In about 5 minutes it was back on the ground.

Now after sitting in the yard all day long it finally decided it was time to move. I was so excited that I would get to see it fly. The poor little thing hopped and hopped all over the place.

While momma wasn't ever far behind. You can see above the poor little thing has the concept down it just can't seem to get in the air.

So it hopped and hopped and hopped some more.

The little critter almost did it. Poor little thing still can't get in the air.

Finally after hopping at least a mile. Some guy saw it and thought it needed to be in the field across the street. Momma still isn't too far away. Of course it's still hop hop hopping. I'm sad because I never did get to see the little one fly. Now I'm going to tell myself that it will fly, and that I did my best to help it in it's young little life. I spent a couple of hours watching it. As I sat there watching the events unfold it gradually got stronger and stronger. I do have faith that the little fella did eventually fly I just didn't get to see it.

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