Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photography ~ Motion and Panning

Instructions: In this assignment the object is to shoot a moving subject with a slow shutter speed causing the subject to be blurred while the background stays sharp. The subject should be something like a car, a person running, a person on a bicycle, something of that nature. The moving object must be moving from side to side in your photo. The end result in the motion picture is the subject will be blurry  and the background still. To achieve the desired effect you should use a shutter speed of 1/15 or 1/30 of a second, hold the camera still and when you see the subject in the viewfinder take the picture. You should take care to either use a tripod or utilize the correct standing and camera control techniques to keep the camera from moving. The ISO and f-stop will be determined by the amount of light in the scene.\

I turned in this photo

Instructions: In this assignment the object is to shoot a moving object just like in the motion picture but this time as the subject moves past you get them in the center of your viewfinder and follow them, moving the camera at the same speed as the subject. The moving object must be moving from side to side in your photo. When the subject gets directly in front of you take the picture while continuing to move your camera. The end result in the panning picture is the subject will be sharp and the background will be blurry. To achieve the desired effect you should use a shutter speed of 1/215 or 1/30 of a second. The ISO and f-stop will be determined by the amount of light in the scene.

I turned in this photo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photography ~ Depth of Field

Instructions: In this assignment you will need to turn in two photos of the same scene, one using a small aperture (giving a large depth of field) and a larger aperture (giving a small depth of field). When you change your f-stop you will need to adjust your shutter speed accordingly.

This is what I turned in.

Again this was a simple assignment for me 1. because I have a lens that lets me get a great shallow depth of field and 2. because I love photos where the back in blurred and this is how you do it. I didn't need to spend much time on this and was pretty stoked about it in class. I haven't gotten it back but I have no doubt I will have a good grade. Most of the students in the class didn't understand the assignment so worry wart that I am I asked him to take a look at mine. He told me I blew the assignment out of the water. Then to top it off he asked if he could use my photos to show the class how to do the assignment. I then explained to some of them how to get a better shot with a lens that won't drop as low as mine. All in all I'm pretty excited to be getting such great feedback. Only time will tell if all the other photography teachers think I'm good since this is just the start. I can only grow from here and I can't wait.

Edit - I recieved full credit for this assignment.

Photography ~ Indoor Lighting

Instructions: The object of this assignment is to take a picture of a person indoors using existing light (NO FLASH). The use of 800 ISO or higher would be helpful.

I turned in the below photos.

This was a very simple assignment for me since this is usually how I shoot to begin with. I hardly if ever use my flash. I again received full credit for the photos and the comment of great shots. I really love these shot they are really cute.

Photography ~Cropping

Instructions: In this assignment photograph a person using a horizontal format. Once you get the image in photoshop crop the picture into a vertical format. Keep in mind when you are shooting the picture that you will be cropping it. Turn in both versions, the original and the cropped version.

I turned in the below photos.

I again only turned in the one photograph for this assignment. I did get full credit for this even though I didn't follow the instructions and photograph a person. I was also given the comment of nice picture. I like it.

Photography ~ Black and White

Instructions: The object of this assignment is to shoot a photo in color and then convert the photo to black and white using photoshop. For this assignment you will be turning in one color picture and one black and white picture.

I turned in this photo.

I didn't include the color photograph because I really love the black and white version of this. I received one point taken off my grade because this photo isn't totally in focus. I can't argue with that because yes it is a bit out of focus, but that is what I love about it. I'll take the one point loss. I didn't get any comments on this one.

Photography ~ Self Portrait

Instructions: The object of this assignment is to take a picture of yourself using either a reflection or the timer feature on your camera. If taking a picture of your reflection your face and camera must both be visible. If photographing a reflection you should be creative in finding a reflection. In the past students have used pools of water, store windows, chrome bumpers, etc. The photo should not only show a picture of yourself but also the environment showing something about yourself (your apartment, your yard, or anything saying something about you).

I turned in the two photos below.

We are only graded on the first photograph we turn in, but we are free to turn in more than one for feedback. I recieved full credit and a Good Job on this assignment.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Eric and I decided not to celebrate Valentine's this year considering what our year has in store for us. We did make it out to the movies on Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a flower upon arrival in the balcony (see pic below.) Eric just had to see the re-release of Star Wars Episode I in 3D. I have to say I'm pretty sure he loved it and I know we will have it on 3D Blu-ray when it's available. I didn't so much care to see the movie in 3D as I sometimes have difficulty seeing remastered 3D. If it's shot in 3D to begin with I don't have as much difficulty. It's these faulty eyeballs I was born with. **Grins** I like Star Wars but this time around was no different than the first time around. I can admit a few of the parts I did catch the 3D effects and I'm jealous of all you out there who can see it with no issues. Even though I didn't want to see it I went because I knew Eric was dying to catch it. I like going because I know it makes him happy to have me along to share in something he loves. He does it for me every time I drag him to a craft store or make him help do dome DIY here at the house.

Don't you know that I have class late on Valentine's day so even if I'd wanted to do something it wouldn't have been possible. To top it off we had a test so it's not like you could miss this class to have a Valentine. The professor made up for it though and gave all of us girls a Valentine and chocolate. See I know that some don't like Valentine's Day, but it's always nice to get the little gestures people make. Valentine's Day just brings it out for us. I hope you had a good Valentine's Day with those you love no matter who that may have been.