Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photography ~ Depth of Field

Instructions: In this assignment you will need to turn in two photos of the same scene, one using a small aperture (giving a large depth of field) and a larger aperture (giving a small depth of field). When you change your f-stop you will need to adjust your shutter speed accordingly.

This is what I turned in.

Again this was a simple assignment for me 1. because I have a lens that lets me get a great shallow depth of field and 2. because I love photos where the back in blurred and this is how you do it. I didn't need to spend much time on this and was pretty stoked about it in class. I haven't gotten it back but I have no doubt I will have a good grade. Most of the students in the class didn't understand the assignment so worry wart that I am I asked him to take a look at mine. He told me I blew the assignment out of the water. Then to top it off he asked if he could use my photos to show the class how to do the assignment. I then explained to some of them how to get a better shot with a lens that won't drop as low as mine. All in all I'm pretty excited to be getting such great feedback. Only time will tell if all the other photography teachers think I'm good since this is just the start. I can only grow from here and I can't wait.

Edit - I recieved full credit for this assignment.

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