Friday, May 8, 2009

The Destroyer

The Hubby and I went out to a movie last to start celebrating his 30th a little early. We had a fantastic time catching the new Star Trek. If you plan to go see it do it was deffinately a great watch. Trust me I even enjoyed it, and I'm not a big Star Trek fan. There are some twists that I wasn't expecting, and it's wonderfully action packed. Though the poor fool who plays Captain Kirk sure did get it in the face a lot.

We had a wonderful night at the movies to come home to this. Wait for it.....

Yep that is a big ASS hole in the carpet. This hole came courtesy of our dog Buddy. Can I say he almost lost his pea picking little life at 2 Am today. I'm at a loss as to how to stop this behavior so it looks like it might be back in the crate for him. We'll see how it goes from here on out. If he shows any more signs of the carpet digging he will be locked away while we are out (again.)
I feel bad because this reaction is pretty much our fault. We went on vacation and left the dogs at home for 4 days alone. The neighbor was coming to let them out and feeding them, but it just wasn't enough apparently. Buddy began acting out his frustrations on the carpet, and so this sordid tale begins. The last couple of weeks he had been getting better about not treating the carpet like it was the yard. We had the previous holes covered up with a rug, and no one was the wiser that they were even there. Now there is no hope for the carpet it's gonna have to come up.

Now I'm crossing my fingers that our slab foundation is not in bad shape. We really can't afford to re carpet and what's the point. I discovered a ton of dirt under the padding and that's just nasty. The idea now is to maybe stain the concrete a color other than the lovely gray it is now, and to seal it with the concrete paint stuff. We are obviously gonna have to do some research on using the slab as flooring to find out what our best option is. I can tell you one thing we WILL NOT be putting carpet back down. Especially not with the cows we have for dogs. I guess this was God's way of telling me I needed to do something about the carpet now and not later. ICK

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