Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 My Explorer stuck in the drive and all the blowing snow.

 One of our neighbors trying to dig out his truck. FYI the snow is still blowing and is covering things up as fast as you can shovel.

 Snow on the front windows. We even have ice on the inside. Time for new windows.

 The stuck Tahoe and the car parked across the street. That car is practically buried.

 The snow drift right in our front yard.

 Snow drift lining the fence in the backyard.

 Another shot of the hilly snow drift in the backyard.

 The pond is covered and you can barely tell it's there.

 The pond and our shed.

 Stormie girl enjoying the snow, and having a cow about the stuck truck on the other side of the fence.

 The driveway where I was parked before trying to go to work.

 Snow drifts on side of our house.

 Snow drift by the Lincoln.

 That black truck is working on pulling a green truck that got stuck. Funny thing is they are the same truck and both are 4x4's.

 The Tahoe that is stuck in our street. I don't know what I'm going to do if they don't get it moved. I have to work tomorrow.

 The stuck green truck and another snow drift.

 Well looks like they might actually get this guy out. I think he messed up something in the truck trying to get it out.

 A white car that got stuck in the entrance to our neighborhood. They finally got out, but that was about as far as they could get. 

 The church guy with the back hoe out. I"m hoping they plow the street all the way to Sooner. So far they haven't done very much and I still can't get out.

 A shot of our backyard from the street. Plus a crazy tall snow drift.

The trucks decided they couldn't go any further. Now this Tahoe needs to move no one has even came to look at it today.

Thankfully the storm system has passed us by and is now dumping it's goodies on other states. This seems crazy to me since we had a storm just like this over Christmas in 2009. As a state we are not equipped to handle this kind of snow fall. I can't get out of my neighborhood thanks to the black Tahoe blocking the whole street at the intersection. There is no way I can make it around the block due to the snow. I do have to be at work tomorrow no questions asked, but to be honest I don't know how I am going to get there. I may have to see if someone from work will come this way and pick me up on Sooner since that road is clear and I can at least walk to it. I think I need to invest in a snow plow thing that way we won't have this anymore. You know if I get a plow we won't get this kind of weather again. Hope everyone else is staying safe and warm especially those in the hardest hit areas. 

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