Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dec Project 365

 Dec 1, 2010 ~ Books read in Nov.

 Dec 2, 2010 ~ I think I may have used this one already and I'm cheating. I like this one a lot so I'm using it again.

 Dec 3, 2010 ~ The rehearsal for the Vitense Wedding.

 Dec 4, 2010 ~ The new Mr. and Mrs. Eric Vitense. I really like the way this pic turned out. I think the blowout from the flash is great.

 Dec 5, 2010 ~ I almost didn't make it to the gas station. I have got to quit running all of the gas out of my cars.

 Dec 6, 2010 ~ This is the start of winter. First time the windows on the car are frosty.

 Dec 7, 2010 ~ The new car. Let's hope this one last longer than the rest.

 Dec 8, 2010 ~ Cute little shop in Medicine Park, OK.

 Dec 9, 2010 ~ My dogs love these things. They get so excited when I get them out.

 Dec 10, 2010 ~ Umm nom nom. Hot chocolate with marshmellows.

 Dec 11, 2010 ~ Don't know who did it but the house across the street got TP'd. Happy it's not mine.

 Dec 12, 2010 ~ A very cool poster I saw at a restaurant in Owasso. I think I need a goldfish bowl that looks like this. Too Cool.

 Dec 13, 2010 ~ I can always tell when Eric had been eating peanuts. I find this on the counter. He should be set for awhile since this is a 5 pound bag of peanuts.

 Dec 14, 2010 ~ The Storm in her Christmas dress.

 Dec 15, 2010 ~ My babies sleeping together enjoying the sunshine.

 Dec 16, 2010 ~ Had no idea this was possible. The garage door is broken because of this spring splitting in two. Thankfully we were able to fix it for cheap thanks to my father in law.

 Dec 17, 2010 ~ Spending the day doing laundry. I hate doing laundry and I put it off as long as possible.

 Dec 18, 2010 ~ See I told you I find the weirdest stuff in Wal-Mart. I'll save you from seeing the pig's head I saw just a couple of weeks later.

 Dec 19, 2010 ~ Though I would share some of my favorite Christmas ornaments this year. This is our Donald and Daisy duck bought at Disney World.

 Dec 20, 2010 ~ I purchased this back in 2007 to honor the 10 year anniversary of my Nanny's death. She loved Cardinals and when I see them I always think of her.

 Dec 21, 2010 ~ Our little white wedding chapel. Eric's parent's gave this to us the first Christmas we were married. I love it.

 Dec 22, 2010 ~ This is the ornament I got the year we bough our house.

 Dec 23, 2010 ~ The ornament I got last year. Eric loves chocolate milk and this was perfect for him. I try to get a special ornament for us every year that has some meaning. I didn't get one this year, but my mom and my aunt got me some frog ornaments. Surprisingly those were my first one's I didn't have any even with my love for frogs.

 Dec 24, 2010 ~ I couldn't pick just one for this. I have so many cute pics from our Christmas with our new niece Josie. I was very happy we got to spend Christmas with her and meet her for the first time. Can't wait till we get to see her again.

 Dec 25, 2010 ~ Don't know where I will ever wear this to, but I love it. Thank you RoRo.

 Dec 26, 2010 ~ Thanks for installing the new light JJ. We haven't had a light in the pantry for about 3 years now. It's so great to see in there again.

 Dec 27, 2010 ~ My kitty loves her mice. This was her Christmas pressie this year. Did I mention the mice have to rattle as well.

 Dec 28, 2010 ~ Our Christmas gift for our home. This thing is wonderful.

 Dec 29, 2010 ~ My book read in December. I read plenty they were all just on my Kindle app. Thinking I may invest in an eReader. Haven't quite made up my mind since it's such a big purchase and the cost of the eBooks.

 Dec 30, 2010 ~ Dreary days. I'm ready for Spring to get here. I always hate this time of year because I know the coldest is yet to come. Ugggg.

Dec 31, 2010 ~ Hope everyone has a Happy New Year. I know I sure will.

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