Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nov Project 365

 Nov 1, 2010 ~ Books read in Oct. It's getting lower and lower. I seem to be reading more books on my iPhone.

 Nov 2, 2010 ~ Election day. I did my part and I hope you did too. I may not be happy with the out come, but I put my ballot in.

 Nov 3, 2010 ~ Birthday balloons and flowers my mom sent to me. Had a decent Birthday I hate when it falls on election day.

 Nov 4, 2010 ~ Another Birthday pic I woke up to this on my bath room mirror on Tuesday.

 Nov 5, 2010 ~ Pine cones. That time of year is on it's way. I'm already missing Halloween.

 Nov 6, 2010 ~ Eric really wants to get a bird and I won't let him. I don't want to be left taking care of it. Though I get a hoot out of them at the pet store. Maybe one of these days I will fold and let him have one.

 Nov 7, 2010 ~ Looking back on my Disney trips. I'm getting the Disney bug right about now and think it's time for another trip. This was my first time ever going to Disney in 2002 over Spring Break.

 Nov 8, 2010 ~ Another of my favorite Disney moments. Timon, Myself, and Rafiki. We joined the in-laws for this trip in Oct of 2005.

 Nov 9, 2010 ~ Yet another trip to Disney. We decided we had so much fun in Oct 2005 that we would be going back in Dec 2006. Not only did we go, but we took my mom and a few of my cousins with us. It was a blast and gosh I'm really getting the bug. Wonder when we can swing it again.

 Nov 10, 2010 ~ It's getting colder and colder. The trees are starting to turn and I'm not looking forward to the coldest part of the year. I think I need to get rich so I can be a snow bird.

 Nov 11, 2010 ~ I bought this extremely cool diffuser/light at Romancing the Stone in Lawton, OK. I really like this thing. I just wish I could find somewhere to put it that our dogs won't knock it over.

 Nov 12, 2010 ~ It's my dude chilling by the fireplace.

 Nov 13, 2010 ~ This guy is one of the many reasons I miss our house on 56th Street. He was so friendly and was a great house guest. He was run over by a car not to long before we moved. The person driving hit him on purpose and man if I would have seen it happen someone would have been dead. Thankfully I didn't see it happen, but our roommate at the time did. It was the hardest thing taking him to his home and knocking on their door. We buried him in the back yard. I miss you Rascal.

 Nov 14, 2010 ~ The Peace Lilly is finally starting to look good again. I don't know how I manage to kill every green thing I've ever owned. No wait yes I do I forget to water them. I'm doing much better on the remembering part and you can tell.

 Nov 15, 2010 ~ I love Vitamin Water and can't believe I found it in a chap stick. I love this stuff it smells and tastes great. Think I need to get more flavors.

 Nov 16, 2010 ~ Leia has taken over my reading nook. I'm now going to have to de-hair the chair.

 Nov 17, 2010 ~ I wanted to post some of the pics I took at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. These kitties and puppies need homes. They are so loving. This one's name is Kaci and she's a doll. I had her crawling all over me.

 Nov 18, 2010 ~ Woot it's time for Harry Potter. I was able to get balcony seats for this at the Warren so I didn't have to sit in line outside all day. I don't know who had the bright idea to make and sale wands, but it was a truly great idea. The wands were $5 and all proceeds went to the Make a Wish Foundation. They were made out of rolled up paper but they were pretty cool. The movie was a great hit as well. I'm thinking the Wizard robes stay at home in July and my homage to Dobby t-shirt will be worn.

 Nov 19, 2010 ~ Well not even 13 months later and I have managed to total another car. This one sure wasn't my fault. Some old man ran his red light and just creamed me doing about 40. I wasn't going very fast, but he hit me hard enough that both of my air bags deployed and my door wouldn't open. I've never experienced air bags deploying before, but after this I can tell you I don't want it to happen again. I thought the car was on fire. I couldn't breathe because of the chemicals they put off and couldn't get the door open. I finally rolled the window down and crawled out of it. Hopefully I can make it many many more years without another accident.

 Nov 20, 2010 ~ This is sweet Grace. She wasn't very sure of me at first and was hiding behind a chair. I finally was able to coax her out so I could give her a few chin scratches. I think she will have a hard time finding the right home, but when she does I know they will be great to her. I would bring her home if it weren't for my cat hating other cats.

 Nov 21, 2010 ~ Meet Cricket. She was the most rambunctious of the group. She is going to make some little kid a very happy pet owner.

 Nov 22, 2010 ~ I have all these machines and not a single one works. Gonna have to Frankenstein them to get at least one working machine for my mom.

 Nov 23, 2010 ~ My first shot at making candied yams. Never got to taste them but may they sure smelled good.

 Nov 24, 2010 ~ Meet Duncan. I bet this little fella already has a home. If not then get out there and snatch him up. He sure is a funny little guy.

 Nov 25, 2010 ~ I somehow made it home without a name for this one. Couldn't tell you if it's a girl or a boy, but I sure do love the markings. This was a sweet kitty as well and very laid back. I love the little tufts of hair on the tips of it's ears.

 Nov 26, 2010 ~ This is Josie and I know she already has a home. She slept the whole time I was there taking pictures. I couldn't even get her to wake up. I even picked her up and moved her around. She was dead to the world.

 Nov 27, 2010 ~ Krista's Bachelorette Party. We have a very good time.

 Nov 28, 2010 ~ This is Porter and he was curled up in his bed snoozing. I woke him up when I stepped into the room. He really like my head scratches.

 Nov 29, 2010 ~ This is Truffles and she wasn't too sure about me. She looked like she would spring away at any moment. I gave her some loving but I don't know if she was very into it. I think she's just a skittish girl.

Nov 30, 2010 ~ This is Sylvia. I loved her sweet face. She was very curious about what I was doing. Though she didn't move from her bed the whole time I was there.

If you are looking at adopting please check out one of the many rescue organizations. They have so many fur babies that need homes. Then that would free up more space to get the babies from the animal shelters.

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