Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gathering Wood (Project 365)

 Eric and Mom working on getting the chain saws ready to go. One ended up not working because the chain just wouldn't stay on. It made the day last just that much longer, but this gig wasn't as hard as I remembered from the many years we did it all winter.

 Our little helper. Though I shouldn't call him little since he is anything but. Raymond was a tremendous help to us. His young self did a lot of the hard work going up and down the creek and dragging large chunks of wood. We wouldn't have been as productive with out him. Thanks for the help gimpy!

 Ray and Eric working on getting the wood cut.

 Oh my you better call the authorities cause she's got a weapon. I didn't do so horrible for my first time using a chain saw. How in the world I managed to get to the age of 31 without using a chain saw is beyond me. We had to go get wood for most of my childhood so yea I'm surprised. Guess maybe I was just that much of a slacker.

 The actual wood cutting. I know it isn't much but I really liked this shot so I wanted to use it.

 Our haul. We filled the bed but I thought we had so much more.

This is just a shot of the area covered in snow that we worked in all day. 

          All in all we had a good trip to Lawton to get some wood for my mom. Her main heat source is a fireplace and well it's hard to have heat when you don't have anything to burn. Right now the weather is looking up for us and the snow if finally starting to melt. Hopefully we will have all of the snow gone by next week. How is it that we have negative temperatures last week and this week it's in the 70's. I think Oklahoma just likes to toy with us. I'm really looking forward to the Spring this year. I'm ready for warmer days and all the pretty spring flowers. I'm not exactly ready for tornado season though. Which according to our weather guys we may have severe weather next week. So we go from having a blizzard and then tornadoes. Hope you have a great week and if you get caught in the nasty weather to come be safe.

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