Monday, February 7, 2011

Comments on the National Anthem mishap

     I can't say that I watched the Super Bowl last night, but I can say that within minutes of the National Anthem flub up I heard about it. If for some reason you haven't seen it you can watch it here.

     I can't believe how intolerable of performances we as Americans can be. Yes she made a mistake as we are all capable of. Yes I'm disappointed that it was the National Anthem, but Christina kept on going like a trooper. If it were me in her shoes I would be finding me a dank and dark hole to climb into for a month. Yet here we are the next day and it's the first thing I heard about on the news, national news, and I even heard about it on the radio. What I want to know is who hasn't made a big mistake like this in their lifetime? I don't think anyone can lay a claim to this.

     I think back a short time ago when Oklahoma was all over the great idea to change the last part of our National Anthem to say Home of the Sooners instead of Home of the Brave. During a "Military Appreciation" game and when OU would be playing the Air Force no less. I bet the same people who thought that was ok are now raking Christina over the coals. It's ok to voluntarily change part of the Anthem but when an honest mistake is made we have to showcase it everywhere and just be nasty about it. (No, I don't think the Anthem should be changed to anything other than the way it was written and that goes for any event)

     I commend Christina for doing a very good job. She not only sounded great while singing, but she kept right on going to make the performance look seamless. Christina has made a public apology, but I feel as if it weren't really needed. If you want to read it go here. You may not like Christina or her music but I think she's being the bigger person in all of this and admitting her mistake and apologizing for it.

     I'm sad that we think it's ok to publicly ridicule celebrity's for honest mistakes. We laugh and poke and make fun of them, and I don't think it's very nice and is in line with bullying. Yes they are in the public spotlight but that doesn't give us the right to pick apart every little detail and aspect of their lives or performances. I would hate for this to happen to anyone, but I commend her for the way she has handled herself. I would hope we all would behave rationally and not fling insults at something that was so clearly a mistake in the moment and not one that was intentional.

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