Thursday, October 7, 2010

August Project 365

 August 1 , 2010 ~ It's my old go to guy the Pond Frog. I use these guys a lot because I have this great pond that well it's not a koi pong it's more a frog pond. I have at least 6 frogs that make it their home. Maybe next year I will have fish. Just have to get the waterfall up and running then we will be good to go.

 Aug 2, 2010 ~ This stuff is relentless. We have sprayed it with gallons of Roundup and it still won't die. I don't know what else to do. I think next summer it will be time to call out the experts.

 Aug 3, 2010 ~ The view I had from my car today at lunch. Sometimes it's the little pleasures and time to just get away from the office.

 Aug 4, 2010 ~ See I told you my frogs had a lot of picture time this month.

 Aug 5, 2010 ~ I have no clue how you manage to get a car on the retaining wall like this with no damage. Makes me wonder how much it was damaged being pulled down. I have a feeling it got messed up worse from that than the actual accident.

 Aug 6, 2010 ~ Thought we had a pretty nice sunrise today. Though the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Aug 7, 2010 ~ I love Kix! They taste really great with in season blueberries.

 Aug 8, 2010 ~ Gosh this heat is something else. I can't wait to have the cooler weather of fall.

 Aug 9, 2010 ~ Ummm nom nom. The new take home PF Changs meals are yummy.

 Aug 10, 2010 ~ I know my iPhone doesn't take great pictures, but sometimes it's perfect for just these moments. My Stormie girl enjoying an afternoon nap.

 Aug 11, 2010 ~ Small dead elephant ears. The heat is totally killing all of my plants no matter how much I water.

 Aug 12, 2010 ~ AT&T is mocking me. This is a billboard right outside of my office. I wouldn't go back and work in the call center for anything. I would rather flip burgers a McDonald's.

 Aug 13, 2010 ~ This is the second one I have seen in my yard this year. Though I think this one has been living in my plant all summer. You can't really tell it in this picture, but it's lime green and lavender just like the plant I found it on. Wish we had more of these hanging around.

 Aug 14, 2010 ~ I don't know who this little guy is, but I thought he was such a cutie patootie. This is at the annual Rush Springs Watermelon Festival. Yes I did ask for permission from his guardian before I took this shot.

 Aug 15, 2010 ~ See I told you the pond frogs would be taking part a lot this month. They just make me feel good. Plus I have a challenge taking these shots.

 Aug 16, 2010 ~ Peaches. Nice, good, and yummy. Such a great snack.

 Aug 17, 2010 ~ FROGGGGGGGGG. :)

 Aug 18, 2010 ~ My dog is shedding and it's awful. She has lost at least 20 extra dogs this summer.

 Aug 19, 2010 ~ I have never seen a turn light that was an arrow for all of the colors.

 Aug 20, 2010 ~ My beautiful kitty. She looks so nice when she sleeps. You would never know she's a nasty nasty cat. Though I love her and she loves me. I know she loves me cause she treats me so much better than anyone else.

 Aug 21, 2010 ~ How can you not love this face?

 Aug 22, 2010 ~ Woot I know it's hard to see, but I was able to get the camera out fast enough to catch the butterfly. Normally they are gone before I have the camera aimed.

 Aug 23, 2010 ~ The new kitty door. Put the door back up heading to the bonus room. Since this is where we house the food and litter box she still needed to have access to it. This was the solution. Took her a couple of days to get the hang of it.

 Aug 24, 2010 ~ Humm I don't know but it sure makes a great picture. Well I'm lying I do know it's the planter hanging on my mom's garage.

 Aug 25, 2010 ~ Leia begging to get into the attic. She wants in here so bad. It's not going to happen though because I really don't want to knock out a wall to save the cat.

 Aug 26, 2010 ~ I promise I have never met a dog who has better expressions than my boy. He's too cute and I thank God everyday that he came into our lives.

 Aug 27, 2010 ~ This is another pouch who I love and adore. She was a very unexpected surprise as well. She helped heal a broken heart and home after the loss of our little Gabby girl.

 Aug 28, 2010 ~ Can you see what I mean by his expressions. Can't you tell he loves his duck?

 Aug 29, 2010 ~ Once again I have no idea why Blogger has to rotate this one. I promise it really isn't like this in my files. Umm Ted's. I wish I were at Ted's right now.

 Aug 30, 2010 ~ My cat seems to think she has to have running water from the faucet. She refuses to drink out of her water bowl.

Aug 31, 2010 ~ Ted's again. Now I'm really craving some Ted's. Maybe have to go have it for lunch this weekend.

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