Thursday, October 7, 2010

September Project 365

 Sept 1, 2010 ~ Saw these shorts in Wal-Mart today. I can remember a time when I would have snatched me up a pair. Undertaker will always be my favorite wrestler. I know it may be fake but he does a great job at it.

 Sept 2, 2010 ~ Such a nice view from my back porch. Wish it really looked this nice.

 Sept 3, 2010 ~ Sweet Tiffany soaking up the sunshine.

 Sept 4, 2010 ~ Mowed my first lawn in 10 years today. Now I remember why I make Eric mow. It stinks. My husband is really great for doing this and not making me help. Next time he tells me he needs a new mower I don't think I will make him suffer like I have the last couple of years.

 Sept 5, 2010 ~ Books read for August. Can't believe I read so many.

 Sept 6, 2010 ~ The sage we planted earlier this year is growing great.

 Sept 7, 2010 ~ I love this TP. Is that strange? Again don't know why it is sideways. I think Blogger is messing with me.

 Sept 8, 2010 ~ I found these cool worms at Lowe's. They help tell you when to water your plants. The dark one says it has water and the light one says water. Of course I just put them together to show how they worked.

 Sept 9, 2010 ~ A coworker at the Core Four Conference. He won a couple of books.

 Sept 10, 2010 ~ Used the new On Cue Express gas station. I think they have won my business over. It's a pretty nice station and it's right on my way to and from work. Plus the pump are really nice.

 Sept 11, 2010 ~ Saw these cool books at the check out at Wal-Mart. Those check out lines are dangerous. They have a ton of cool stuff inside though. Too bad I'm not having a Halloween party this year. The books have loads of things that would be great.

 Sept 12, 2010 ~ Such a nasty storm moving in. Hope it's just rain.

 Sept 13, 2010 ~ Is there a reason McDonald's insists on having stupid Happy Meal toys for back to school. Always have too and I didn't get it when I was a kid either.

 Sept 14, 2010 ~ Saw this funny coaster in Hobby Lobby today. I may have bought it if it hadn't cost so much. I just wasn't willing to spend 8 bucks on it.

 Sept 15, 2010 ~ They love looking out the front window. I don't love them looking out it though because they have to bark at everything passing the house. Then they run in and out the back door.

 Sept 16, 2010 ~ Why would someone plant a pepper bush outside of a mall. I guess the answer to that is the Lawton mall. Leave it up to Lawton to do this. LOL.

Sept 17, 2010 ~ OMG it's Freddy run for your lives. Ok so it's not Freddy, but he maybe could pass for him all decked out.
 Sept 18, 2010 ~ See I told you he's full of expressions. What this one is though I have no idea.

 Sept 19, 2010 ~ It's State Fair time and where better to find cool shirts. Wish this one was in my size. I loved it.

 Sept 20, 2010 ~ I think I need this smoker in my yard. It's too cute.

 Sept 21, 2010 ~ I'm making some progress on the scrapbook. Now just to get it finished.

 Sept 22, 2010 ~ I finally found my library card. It's been missing for like a year. I used it as a book mark in one of my TBR books.

 Sept 23, 2010 ~ I found my dust cover for this book finally too. I was really upset thinking I lost it. Now I just have to dig the book out to put it one.

 Sept 24, 2010 ~ Found this little guy going through some stuff. I should give it back to my brother. I gave this to him after his horrendous car accident back in 1992.

 Sept 25, 2010 ~ Wish I had my good DSLR I could have gotten a great shot of this spider. Still it's not half bad for a point and shoot.

 Sept 26, 2010 ~ Caught this one by mistake. Was shooting the huge carp, and got a pretty clear shot of a sun perch. You can see these along the river in Medicine Park, OK.

 Sept 27, 2010 ~ Holy cow. I hate having to clean the brush on the vacuuming cleaner. How does it collect so much hair?

 Sept 28, 2010 ~ The start to the Bundt Bug.

 Sept 29, 2010 ~ Fall is on it's way. I love this display.

Sept 30, 2010 ~ It's a Bundt Bug. Before you ask yes I made it. May have taken 2 tries, but I did it. I also think it turned out wonderful.

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