Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On time for a change

Apr 5, 2010 ~ We got the dogs a pillow to lay on in the living room, and look at who takes it over. I think Leia spends more time on it than the dogs. My dogs know who rules the roost in this house.

Apr 6, 2010 ~ I'm getting to this late in the month, but I've been busy and had lots to shoot. Was a good month for books.

Apr 7, 2010 ~ The first lily pad has broken the surface. I'm hoping to get this pond up and running in the next couple of weeks.

Apr 8, 2010 ~ I know you can't really tell what this is, but it's the back end of a Peacock. I don't know why but I really like this shot. Maybe it's because the tail feathers look so soft.

Apr 9, 2010 ~ The tulips are filly blooming. They bloom about the time the daffodil's wither. I'm always happy and sad to see these go.

Apr 10, 2010 ~ My honey and Father in law worked more on the house. The kitchen is almost finished. Now I just have to stain this and the kitchen entry will be done.

Apr 11, 2010 ~ Aww man it wasn't a strike. LOL. Cute little Koda bowled two games and was extremely cute doing it the whole time. I was very grateful I was able to spend some time with this little guy. I haven't seen him in a year and I've missed him. I'm sad that he didn't remember me but I didn't expect him too. I hope next time I get to see him won't be another year from now.

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