Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Hour Later

Yea you see it really is 1:50 AM and I'm wide awake. I flopped around in bed for about an hour before I finally decided to get up. I don't know why my sleeping schedule is so messed up. I had a hard time sleeping last night too. I even went to bed early because I was so tired. I think it has a little to do with the fact that I'm not really feeling all that well. I've got a dry cough that is making my lungs ache, and now I think I might start coughing crap up. Eek. I hate this time of the year, and this year just seems to be much worse then previous years. I mean come on this weather has not been our friend this year. It's been hot and cold so much that I can never tell what I should wear for the day, and then what I do end up wearing is never the right outfit. If I'm not hot I'm cold and my body seems to not want to regulate it temperature. Ugg this sucks I hate not being able to sleep.
Ha Ha and I have about a million thoughts running through my head about camera lenses. I've actually got my first PAID photo shoot coming up in June, and I'm actually freaking out just a little. It's a wedding shoot and I don't feel like I have the right equipment for the job. I want a lens that has a bigger zoom that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. It's not easy trying to find what I need. I've been doing some research there's just so much to know, and I don't want to buy something then hate it and be out a ton of money. I think I know what I am going to get hopefully it's what I need. At least I can return it in 30 days and get my money back. I'm hoping Eric gets it ordered so that I have it for Vacation.
On to Project 365. I know I haven't posted pic in 3 weeks. I'm working on it really I am. **Bangs head on desk** I have the pictures on the computer for all 3 weeks I just haven't sat down to get them edited. I've been being lazy when I get home at night, and just wanting to do other things. However this weeks photos not going so well. I got no pictures on Monday, and Tuesday isn't looking much better. I may have to fudge this week a little to get all 7 pics. At least I have a couple of baby photo shoots to look forward to this weekend. My cute little cousins are turning 1 in the next few weeks, and it's their first Easter. On top of that I have a brand new baby cousin that's just a little over a week old. I will be shooting her newborn pics this weekend as well. I may just have to cheat and use them for everyday of the week this week.
Ok so now I'm going to go sit down and see if maybe I can get back to sleep. I'm starting to feel a little drowsy. Man did I already say this sucks?

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