Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have been lax on getting pretty much anything at all done this month. What can I say I've been being a lazy sod in December. I haven't even read that much, and I have really nothing to show for my time this month.

On to my topic of this post. On Dec 10th Eric and I surprise his mom by showing up for her retirement party.

We didn't tell her we were coming and pretty much everyone helped us keep it a secret. I was certain she saw the car out in the parking lot since they drove right by it. (By the way it's their car we borrowed after the Honda was totalled.) The picture above is of her seeing us in the restaurant. It's not great but hey you get the idea.

This one is of (L to R) Eric, Don, and Deb. We were just sitting down to eat lunch.

Here is Deb with her Golden Eagle. Her coworkers put on a wonderful heartfelt program for her back at the base.

PUB ROCKS!!! The ladies put together a band and performed a song on Deb's behalf. It was a great and funny show. I just had to get a shot of them and I like this one because it makes them look like rock stars. They may not be Rock Stars, but in my book they are Stars in their own right.

What can I say the day was a great one. Not to mention we got some really great news that day as well. News that I'm not at liberty to divulge, but I'm sure I will eventually talk about it here.

To 30 years of hard work and service to American Airlines Congratulations on your Retirement MOM.

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