Friday, March 6, 2009

RIP Mr. Froggie

I'm completely and utterly bummed. I decided to start cleaning out the pond to get ready for spring, and I found a full grown dead frog. I'm pretty sure it was this little guy. He's been with us since we bought the house. I don't really know why he died because I didn't see anything that would have killed him. I'm guessing it was just his time to go. I really liked listening to him croak at night when we had the windows open. Hopefully we will have another frog that picks out pond as it's home. I'm thinking I may just have to do some research to figure out what I can do to make the pond more frog friendly. So say your prayers for my dear departed friend. :o)
Update ~ Well now I'm really bummed I found another dead frog today in the pond. The new one I found is a smaller guy that showed up later in the summer. Now I'm thinking that the winter snuck up on them. I just hope we have more frog that show up this year. I'm really going to miss them if they don't. I just hope I don't find anymore in the cleaning process.

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