Thursday, February 5, 2009

Washington 100th

You know I was online this afternoon looking for info on my 10 year high school reunion. I can't really believe it's been almost 10 years. Where in the world has the time gone. I feel like it was just yesterday that I walked across the stage to get my diploma. Then there are those days where it feels like that was light years ago. Not to mention this year marks several other mile stones. I'm hitting the 5 year mark of having my degree and licensing in Funeral Service in May and June, and in July I have been married for 5 years. Now on top of all these wonderful landmarks my elementary school is turning 100, and I have a chance to participate in the festivities. I actually got to e-mail my 5th grade teacher today. I didn't know if she would remember me or not. I have to say that was not a very good school year for me. Mrs. Hix did everything to try and make things easier for me. She even went as far as taking me home for dinner some nights. That was the year my Nanny was bouncing from house to house for care due to her progressing Alzheimers. My dad passed away in September that year, and then in April my brother had a very bad car accident and almost died. Then to top it all off I got really sick from all the stress. I just kept acting like nothing was wrong, and it took it's toll on me. The doctors weren't really sure what was wrong with me so they said I had an ulcer and called it a day. I think back to those days and wish I could go back. I didn't really have any worries other than who was going to bully me that day. (I was the worlds biggest dork) I can remember all of my teachers, and wish I knew where they ended up.
There hasn't been a date set for the celebration, but you can bet I plan on being there. I also plan on taking a weekend to go home and dig through old photo albums to get some pictures. I know there really are only my class pictures. I have a few pictures here at my house, but I don't know if any are ones I would like to share. I'll really have to think about it. Surely I can dig up some stuff, and I'm sure I know others who have things too. Now I just have to talk everyone else finding some of their old stuff. So I suppose I can sum up that 2009 is starting out to be a great year.

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