Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been a very long day. Little Koda had his surgery yesterday, and had a somewhat rough night. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be he slept most of the night. I feel like I haven't had any sleep the last couple of nights. I just feel bad for Koda's Mom and Dad because they really had a rough day yesterday and last night. They all went home today since everything looked ok, and Koda wouldn't have to go back to the hospital with any complications.

On top of all that has been happening with Koda I've have to go to the chiropractor twice this week. Both times I got a massage. Today was my second one, and so far I'm not a big fan. I will give it a few more goes to see if it's worth all the pain. I don't think I will be able to take much more. A lot of my knots are gone, but in their place I have spots that feel like I was hit with a baseball at 60 mph. The massage this morning was terrible it hurt those spots so bad. I have high hopes that once the pain goes away this was worth it.

I wish I could just laze around the house for the weekend, and recuperate from the bodily beating and baby. This is going to be one very busy weekend though, and I don't know if I'm looking forward to it. I have got to get some laundry done because we are heading to Tulsa in the AM. We have a couple of birthday's to celebrate, and some friends to visit. Sunday when we get home we are going to go out and catch the new Underworld movie with the neighbors. At some point I have to get my pictures edited and posted. I'm afraid it might not happen on Sunday night maybe Monday if I'm lucky. I guess it really just depends on how I feel when I get up tomorrow.
Now I'm going to take a very hot bath to ease my tired and sore back. Then off to bed early. Crap and I have to remember to feed the dogs at some point. Maybe they will get the food just a little earlier than usual. I feel like I could crash at any minute. Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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